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An overdue lunch at Violet Oon’s Kitchen

I have a bunch of girlfriends that I have known for years. They are uber talented, smart and “crafty”. We communicate mostly via social media, and we rarely meet up for lunch. Even if we do, there is always one or two missing in the picture. So FINALLY we managed to sit down and have a meal together at Violet Oon’s Kitchen.

All of us ordered a different main and some starters to share. I have heard so much about the dry laksa that I had to get it. It definitely lived up to the expectation. It is not exactly a fried noodle dish – it has enough sauce to coat the noodles without being sloppy. The rempah was beautifully done and they have added the right amount of coconut milk so you would not be sick of the laksa. And there were so much “liao”(translate: ingredients)–beancurd puff, fish cake and prawns. Everyone (including myself) loves this dry laksa.

My friend, R got the dry mee siam. Unlike the dry laksa, you don’t think you are eating dry mee siam. Perhaps it was the choice of noodles which was thick noodles. When I think of mee siam, I always relate to thin vermicelli. However the spices were well done, it was still a good dish.

At our table, another friend, R was brave enough to try the buah keluak pasta. The pasta was a tad too spicy for me but the buah keluak tapenade was strangely nice and addictive. I could not describe the flavour but it was rich and savoury. If the spice level was slightly lowered, I think I can polish off the entire plate

We also ordered the kueh pie tee and ayam goreng to share. The ayam goreng aka fried chicken was crispy and the flavour was pretty good. But the chicken was over-fried, it was a bit dry for me. The kueh pie tee fared so much better. The filling which was made up of bamboo shoots and turnips that were beautifully cooked in a rich prawn broth, making the entire dish super tasty.

We ended our meal with the bread and butter pudding with whisky and custard sauce. The pudding itself was moist and not too sweet. The whisky and custard sauce was the bomb (though some of the alcoholics at the table felt that the sauce can do with more whisky). This is one dessert that I would strongly recommend.

Though I am not sure when we will gather for another meal, this was sure a lot of fun. We filled the restaurant with our laughter and loud chatter. And it was made even better with delicious food in our tummies.

Violet Oon’s Kitchen
881 Bukit Timah Road

oink’s guide to … Melaka! Nancy’s Kitchen

For our first night in Melaka, we had dinner at Nancy’s Kitchen which was 5 minutes walk from our hotel. This Peranakan restaurant is also favoured by many Singaporeans.

Kueh Pie Tee

Nom Nom

As we entered the restaurant, I noticed there was a cart outside and a woman was making Kueh Pie Tee. And I want some. Kueh Pie Tee is a traditional Peranakan dish where they will fill thin and crispy tart shell with cooked turnip, prawns, garlic and so on. Nancy’s version was slightly sweet and mildly spicy (chilli was added on top), and the shell was crisp, not soggy.

Prawn Omelette

(Very Pedas) Four Angled Beans

We ordered a couple of dishes to share. Amy was craving for egg and we got her the prawn omelette which was alright, nothing extraordinary. Lynda saw the restaurant had four-angled beans – they were very pedas – they were so spicy that it numbed my tongue. The four-angled beans itself were pretty tasty – crunchy and not overcooked. But the chilli (or belacan) was just way too hot for me to handle.

Ayam Buak Keluak

It would be wrong to go to a Peranakan restaurant and not order Ayam Buak Keluak. Buak Keluak is a black nut where hours are used to prepare it – the nut needed to be soaked, cleaned, cracked open, grinded into a paste and stuffed back into the shell. Once the nuts were stuffed, they were put in a pot with either chicken (ayam) or pork (babi) and cook for hours. The result is a dark and rich stew. The one we had at Nancy was alright – the Buak Keluak was not as fragrant as it can be. And the chicken was a bit dry.

Vintage Baby

Itek Tim

My favourite dish of the night was the Itek Tim which is salted mustard vegetable with duck soup. The soup was flavourful and delicious. I think they put in a bit of wine which doubled the flavour and making it the ultimate comfort food.

There were several Peranakan restaurants along Jonker Street. But among all, I think Nancy’s Kitchen was one of the more decent ones, plus they have air conditioning which we heart.

Nancy’s Kitchen
7 Jalan Hang Lekir, Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Meleka
Closed on Tue

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