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oink’s guide to … New York City! Big Gay ice cream truck

Imagine plain old vanilla ice cream topped with olive oil and sea salt or perhaps a sprinkle of wasabi pea dust? Seems impossible? Well Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (BGICT) is making the impossible possible – sprucing up traditional soft serve, introducing all kinds of wonderfulness.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!!!

While Kat and I were at Union Square, we decided to try our luck and see if BGICT was around. Luckily the truck was there but there was a long queue! We waited for around 45 minutes, chatted with the guy who was in front of us. He told us his colleagues were raving about BGICT and he knew he must have their ice cream (in the end, he bought two cones of ice cream).

the queue

Bea Arthur (US$4)

Initially we each wanted to get an ice cream (I wanted a Salty Pimp!). However we took a while to queue and we had to rush for dinner at Torrisi. In the end, Kat and I shared a Bea Arthur (in case you are not a fan of the Golden Girls (shame on you), Bea Arthur was the actress who played Dorothy in the show). Bea Arthur was divine – vanilla soft serve topped with crushed Nilla wafer biscuit and dulce de leche. The soft serve was smooth and not overly sweet. Every mouthful, I get a bit of crunch and a bit milky caramel flavour.

Before we left, Kat insisted I told Doug Quint (one of the co-founders of BGICT) that we travelled more than 20 hours for his ice cream and this prompted him to blow kisses at us. Yes I am a true blue Singaporean who is willing to queue and travel for food.

Thanks for taunting me while I was in NYC

The big news is they have just opened a shop last week – Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! YAH! During our stay in NYC, we walked past the shop almost every day and were terribly upset that we didn’t get to see it open. So if you are in NYC, please have a Salty Pimp at BGICS on my behalf!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Follow their tweets (@biggayicecream) or check the website for the truck’s location

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
125 East 7th St (1st Avenue and Avenue A)
New York NY 10009

Sunday’s breakfast

black and white carrot cake

i love sunday brekkie. i always look forward to sunday brekkie – i need all the “food” happiness i can get before i face the dreaded monday. currently my favorite breakfast is black and white carrot cake. i am pretty lucky to be surrounded by two hawker centres near my home and for double happiness, mdm tan always get me breakfast. so all i need to do is get my lazy butt down to kitchen and eat.

oink’s guide to … Taipei! Shilin night market!

i love shilin night market. i know its a touristy night market and the food is aint that great but i guaranteed you, you will go back one happy kid after visiting this night market*.

shilin night market

the night i went to shilin, it was raining. pouring to be more specific. thus i made a quick rush for shelter at the “food section” (shilin is sorta divided into two sections – food and (across the road) fashion items). as i walked in, i knew i have to once again braved the rain and queued up for my favorite fried chicken – 豪大大雞排 (you need to be careful of the imitation stall - of course the tell-tale sign was the queue).


for years, 豪大大雞排 (hao da da ji pa) served up these humongus sized bread crumb coated fried chicken. the chicken breast were pound into a thin fillet thus speed up the cooking process and leaving the chicken to be moist and juicy. to serve, they sprinkled some mystery powder aka chinese five spices and “something else”. the best bit was they dont cut the chicken – you just need to bite into it.

of course i couldnt finish my fried chicken in one sitting. i had about one-third of it and saved the rest for later.

testing my chinese

while i was munching on my chicken, i made my way around the market for more grub. as i was walking, i kept smelling this “drain pipe” smell. after awhile, it dawned onto me that it was the smell of 臭豆腐 (stinky tofu). for those of you who are not familiar with stinky tofu, its basically tofu marinated in prepared brine made up of fermented milk, vegetables and meat.

the smell of the tofu was disgusting. its very bad. but i absolutely love the taste of it. and i know i need to have some.

stinky tofu + beef noodles = happiness

after browsing around, i decided to stop at this one particular stall for their beef noodles. and to my delight, they collaborated with the next stall which sells stinky tofu so i got to have two great dishes!

stinky tofu (S$1.50)

in taiwan, they fried the stinky tofu and served them with pickled vegetables (in this case, cabbage). once the dish was presented to me, the “stinky” smell was not that bad. when you bite into it, you get the crispy skin and the soft tofu. yummy. and that sauce that came with it was sweet and sour (perhaps from the pickled vegetable) and complement the tofu. really this was one of the best street food!

beef noodles (S$4)

next came the beef noodles. it was a big bowl of comfort food. the soup was flavorful, rich and i could taste the herbs and spices that went in. and the big chunks of beef were juicy and tender.  the noodles were not overcooked but it was quite a bit. i ended up finishing the soup and beef but not the noodles.

after dinner, i went walking around for awhile. by chance, i bought a pair of ballet pumps for S$5 *happy dance*. of course, i did not last long walking in rain. still i feel my life was completed with the yummy food and cheap shoes!

*for food at night market, i personally like shi da night market (for taipei). the quality of food is better.

oink’s guide to … Taipei! 大腸包小腸

i was on a business trip to taipei last week. the great thing about taipei is their night markets. and this also mean i had time to eat and shop after a day work.

guess what’s in d bag??

the first night market i went was tong hua night market which was a 10 minute ride from my hotel. this night market was highly recommended by my friend s. when i reached there, i was a bit disappointed by the size and also with the variety of the food. on the hand, i was really tired from my flight (woke up at 5am) and work, hence i could not be bothered to explore the place. so i decided to pack the 大腸包小腸 (literal translation is small sausage wrapped in big sausage) back to hotel.

大腸包小 (S$1.60)

as some of you might know by now, i dont eat pork. still i want to try 大腸包小腸. basically the 大腸 (big sausage) was made up of glutinous rice. the guy just slit open the glutinous rice “sausage” , add your chosen condiments (in my case, onions, mustard vegetable and cabbage), and topped it with any flavor of the sausage (mild spicy) you want.

i love the concept of this snack. you get rice, meat and vegetables for less than S$2. unfortunately, the porky flavor of the sausage was really strong, i had a bite and spit it out. still i finished the rest of it sans the sausage.

糯米腸 (S$0.80)

as i forsee one 大腸包小腸 was not enough, i also ordered a plain 糯米腸 (glutinous rice sausage). i am a sucker for glutinous rice – the rice was well-cooked, flavorful and retained its chewiness.

guavas (S$0.40 each)

while walking around the night market, i discovered a fruit stall. i love the guava from taiwan. so i bagged two guavas home – they were so cheap – 40 cents a piece! and they were really good.

ahhh i love taiwan!

Fishy matters

remember the wonderful stall that served yummy and cheap chee cheong fan and yam cake? guess who went back there again??

as much as i like to stick to my usual, i decided to be brave and try something new.

fish porridge (S$2)

though it was a hot day, i went for the fish porridge and yusheng (raw fish slices). i am quite surprised that the fish porridge (or congee) was not very hot, just the right temperature (i feel very goldilocks as i typed this. ha). the congee was oozy and flavorful and all the rice grains were fully broken down, and they are definitely not stingy on the fish too.

yusheng (S$3)

the yusheng was not as fresh and refreshing as i hope it could be. but every bite was still packed with flavor – the lime, chilli and sesame seed oil just worked so well together. and you definitely need the shredded lettuce to cut through the richness of this dish. this is one dish you have to share with someone. i was struggling to finish it all by myself.

there are still many wonderful loots that i want to try from the stall (soon kueh!). and yes i will be back!

I should never be left alone in chinatown

its true. i cannot be left alone in chinatown. if not, i was pressed for time, i might have eaten myself to death in chinatown food centre.

de crab and prawn noodles stall

i love chinatown food centre. you really get all sorts of great food there. these are food that i can see myself eat everyday. they are not fancy, they are just really great food.

hello noodles (S$4)

one of my all-time favorite is de mixed crab and prawn noodles soup. the stall is run by a pair of sisters (and one of them looks like a botero figurine!). they made this delectable prawny flavor soup which is oh-so-rich. i always ordered de thick vermicelli (which is actually much thinner than de usual thick vermicelli you get elsewhere) which goes very well with de soup. throw in a bit of chilli powder and viola, super duper yummy soup (de truth is  de crab and de prawn are pretty tasteless – all de essence of de seafood has gone into de soup).

my comfort food stall

after de noodles (which i did not finish; not because its not nice but i got to pace myself), i went to have my comfort food – yam cake and chee cheong fan. this stall rocks my world. for S$2, you can get yourself a a piece of yam cake and  a piece of chee cheong fan. de truth is you can do away with the sweet sauce and chilli. just a touch of sesame seed oil and light soy – that is all you need. you can taste de ricey flavor in de steamy hot chee cheong fan – de soy just enhance de flavor. and de yam cake just simply melt in your mouth. all these goodness for frigging S$2 only!

all these goodness for S$2

if i have de time and stomach, i would have gone for desserts – my darling ah-bo-ling and yi-gu tong shu. oh well, there is always next time!

Dream challenge – yi tiao charsiew

(de following is goin to have shit loads of pictures. and vegetarians and pig lovers, please stay clear of this entry. i almost die at de challenge. BUT its a worthy cause!)

let’s see mike eat yi tiao charsiew

my good friend, pm, has a dream (or wish). he dreamt that one day he will be able to devour one entire piece of char siew (uncut) – just keep on biting and chewing that one piece of char siew. since he is goin to reach de big 3-0 soon, we, de groupie has decided to help him fulfil this dream – bornt de project – “let’s see mike eat yi tiao charsiew”! de challenge is simple – pm will have to eat 1kg worth of charsiew and 5 chicken wings. all in one sitting.

our host – fatty cheong

we planned this challenge earlier de year. we set de time and date. de location was easy. pm adores de charsiew by fatty cheong. i know fatty cheong produced fantastic honey chicken wings – i love them – sweet, sticky and well seasoned. so i do believed de charsiew will be nice.

1kg worth of meat

check out de charsiew

de day before de challenge, i gave a call to fatty cheong to make sure he is open for de day (its a public holiday de day of de challenge). once we were at abc market, s quickly went to order de charsiew and told fatty cheong that this is for pm birthday. after some wait, fatty cheong produced six pieces of beautiful, glossy charsiew.

de first bite

we all looked on to see pm took de first bite. was he happy or what?? muahahahhaa. and i just happened to be sitting beside him. after his second bite, i almost wanna puke. as much as i think de charsiew is nice, de smell of de pork is killing me – its really porky. de smell is rather choking. thank god we also ordered lunch for ourselves (pm lunch was de six pieces of charsiew. duh) – i got myself fishball noodles (with vinegar only). i am happy.

moving onto de second piece

pm quickly finished his first piece and moved on to his second piece of charsiew. at that point, he was getting sick of de taste of de charsiew. he was struggling. still he managed to finish de second piece pretty fast. btw while he was eating de charsiew, our table got many stares from strangers. they were wondering “what’s up with this table and de big plate of charsiew”.

pm gave up!

when its time for his third piece, pm took some time to choose. in his words, he was sweating “meat sweat”. after a while, he finally chose his third and final piece. de rest of de groupie also helped him finished one piece of charsiew. in de end, pm devoured three pieces of charsiew (which we estimated to be about 500gm) and tabao one piece back. during de whole challenge, we also tried to help him finish by offering him noodles, getting him drinks. we were all hoping him succeed.

thank you fatty cheong!

i need to shout out a special thanks to fatty cheong for hosting us. he has given us de best of his charsiew and also a HUGE discount. he was v friendly and indeed like what pm described – a gentle giant. thank you mr cheong. i do hope to return soon for your yummy chicken wings!

fatty cheong
abc brickworks food centre
6 jalan bukit merah #01-120 (near posb atm)
opening hours: 11.00am-8.30pm (closed on thu)

I love cheep breakfast

one thing i love about singapore or most countries in asia, is de cheap food. and i am not even talking about street food here. seriously. go find a good, filling brekkie in american or australia for S$2 (plain old bread does not count).

cheep brekkie for S$2

this morning, i had mee siam and chuen kueh for less than S$2 (actual cost is S$4 but i shared it with my mama). i love mee siam for its sweet sourish appetising assam soup and chuen kueh for its frangrance salty preserved raddish. happiness.

oink’s guide to … Bangkok! And it’s supposedly to be hot

saturday was a day where most tourists will set aside for chatuchak aka jj market. due to de gazillion stalls here, you will end up spending de entire there. that is if the sun doesnt kill you.

thai iced tea and iced coffee

we started de day pretty hot but somehow when we reach CTC, it was actually not that hot. we DID NOT sweat. we did de usual shopping. bought lotsa clothes, some household stuff. due to de surprising nice weather, we hardly stop for a drink. even when i pass by one of my favorite drinking holes, i was NOT tempted to stop. i do not know its name. all i know its near de furniture section. de place is loaded w animal print seats. and de moment you sit down, de guy will give u a cold cold wet tissue to cool you down. de drinks are pretty decent. but its de decor of de place that i like

some fried chicken place

after awhile, we got hungry and we stop for a quick bite. we chanced upon this place that looks pretty decent and of course there is a queue for a table. we saw people eating fried and it got us salivated.

fried chicken!

we ordered both fried chicken drumsticks and chicken wings. de batter is v flavorful and de meat is somewhat juicy. they are yum-o

de spicy and sour pork rib soup

de pork rib was requested by K. ended up i loving it de most. de soup was slightly spicy and sourish. it is just delicious.

de spread

i ordered a papaya salad which i love (thank you lime!). and we also have rice noodles and sticky rice as side. dun ever order de sticky rice. it sucks. NO TASTE. de rice noodle is great w de soup.

de dude who made our thai iced tea

after lunch, we walk abit more and we were drawn to this dude “pulling” de infamous thai iced tea. of course, it helps when dude placed gazillion can of carnation milk at his stall (carnation milk is one of K favorite). de truth is his thai iced tea is abit milky for me. not my favorite version. but its good fun to see him make de tea.

chatuchak market is open on saturday and sunday only. via train, stop at mo chit
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