A couple weeks ago, my Australian buddy Cyn (best known as The Food Pornographer) and her partner Jac were in town. Thanks to the wonderful world wide web, Cyn and I connected via Twitter (I think). A few years ago, I made a trip to Perth, and I had such a fun time eating and chatting with her. So I was super dope when both Cyn and Jac were in Singapore–this means lots of eating (duh) and catching up.

The one great thing about having overseas guests is you get to be a tourist again–going to places that you rarely visit–Yet Con is one of them. Located along Purvis Street, Yet Con is an icon. Founded in 1940, stepping into Yet Con, I felt as if I have been transported into another world. The furnishing is old school coffeshop. The owner sits behind the counter, directing customers to their seats. And the place does smell a bit funky.

Among the three of us, we ordered chicken, Hainanese pork chop and mixed chop suey. At Yet Con, they only serve steamed chicken (白鸡) and you do not get to choose your preferred part. So we got half a chicken to share. The chicken itself was quite lean, like kampong chicken. The skin was not fatty and the meat was very flavourful. To me, the rice was equally important too. Yet Con’s version was savoury and tasty. As we have a second eating session, I showed restraint and did not order another bowl of rice.

The oriental-style Hainanese pork chop is one of Yet Con’s signature dishes. Jac found the sauce too sweet while Cyn quite enjoyed the chop. The mixed chop suey that we ordered was pretty good too–the dish had cabbage, baby corn, sotong, prawns and pork. It was refreshing and helped to cut the richness of the chicken.

Chicken rice is a dish I feel that is often taken for granted. It is readily available everywhere in Singapore. Yet Con’s version is quite unlike the ones we find at hawker centres. Most importantly, eating at Yet Con transports one into another era. I personally think everyone should give this institution a try.

Yet Con Chicken Rice (逸群鸡饭)
25 Purvis Street, Singapore
Opening hours: 11.00am – 9.30pm (daily)