I love my fried food. I do not think I can go a week without eating anything fried. It does not need to be fast food. When I ordered yong tau foo, I would definitely pick out fried beancurd skin. And I also think people who eat fried chicken and not eat its skin, are throwing insult to fried food. What’s wrong with you people?

That said, it is not a habit or routine that I have fried chicken at 10am. No matter what terrible morning I have, it does not warrant fried food in the morning. I still believe breakfast should be substantial but not greasy.

My friend, Biona told me that the Philippines fast-food chain, Jollibee was voted to have the best fried chicken in Singapore. I have eaten at Jollibee years ago in Manila. I do not have much recollection of their fried chicken. Of course, a revisit is necessary. However Jollibee is notorious for its long queue. Apparently people queued two hours to get their food. In anticipation of the long queue, Biona and I met up at 10am and predicted that when we reached the front of the queue, it would be lunch time.

We reached Jollibee, we were shocked. There was NO queue. Well, there were a few people in front of us. I was clearly unprepared to have fried chicken at 10am. We made our way to the counter and got ourselves a bucket of 6 pieces of chicken, gravy and drinks. We did not get any sides as they did not look appealing to us.

In case you wondered, no, we did not finish all the 6 pieces of chicken. We only got the bucket because I want it. It is my dream to have fried chicken out from the bucket (yah I am not very ambitious). The last time I had that was when I was a kid at either my siblings or my birthday party. I mean seriously, fried chicken tastes the best out from the bucket.

We had to wait awhile to get our fried chicken – I guessed they did not expect fried food was in demand that early of the day. When our bucket finally arrived at our table, the chicken was piping hot. Unlike most fast food chains, the bucket contained all the dark meat and parts that I like – we got wings and drumsticks. When it comes to fried chicken, I much prefer the dark meat (the drumsticks and thigh) which are juicier and flavourful (and I think fried chicken breast is a joke). As the chicken was really hot, we started with the wings which cooled much faster. The meat itself was fresh and juicy. Biona commented that Jollibee used fresh chicken meat (instead of frozen ones) which contributed to the moisture in the meat. The seasoning or the batter for the chicken is rather subtle. To me, it was bordering to the bland side. I like fried chicken to be heavily seasoned. Chicken meat is quite mild in taste hence it can take on strong flavours. For every fried chicken order, you will be given a small tub of gravy which Biona loved and I hated. It was MSG-lardered and tasted like salty, watery brown sauce.

I do not mind dining at Jollibee again. The service is pretty good and the food is fresh from the fryer. However if I have to queue two hours for the food, I rather go to my favourite Popeyes and get my cravings sorted.

Jollibee Singapore
6th floor, Lucky Plaza
Open hours: 9.00am to 9.00pm (daily)