When I was in university, I was told one of the must-eats in Perth was fish and chips. Perth (apparently) has the best fish and chips in Australia and the place to go was Cicerello’s. I don’t recall much about that meal – all I remembered was the portion was huge and I had to pay for ketchup (yes I am that cheapskate). So for old time sake, I decided to drop by the Fremantle Harbour and have a fish and chips lunch.

One can choose to go to the touristy Cicerello’s which seems to remain a favourite among both the tourists and the locals. However I much prefer the quieter Kailis’ where they were just crowned “Best Fish and Chips” by SBS Feast magazine (2012). They were also famed for creating fish and chip gelato.

Seafood delight

I decided to be greedy and ordered the Seafood Delight which consisted of fish, scallop, calamari and chips. To help me wash the meal down, I opt for my favourite Aussie’s soda – Solo.

I chose to alfresco dining which later turned out to be rather stressful. Eating outdoor at the harbour was almost like being in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Every bite you take was under the watchful eyes of the sea birds who were hoping that you might drop or thrown them a chip. Some of the nasty ones even purposely swooped down near diners and ready to attack.

Despite the not too pleasant environment, it was a beautiful day. It was cool and breezy and the condition was perfect for chowing down a plate of hot fried food. Though everything on the plate was piping hot, somehow the batter went soft (the same go for the chips but I love soggy chips). Still the seafood was really fresh. I especially enjoyed the scallops which were plump and juicy.

Dining at the harbour is not for everyone (especially for those who are squeamish about birds). With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, I rarely dine outdoor. I will savour every opportunity – birds or no birds.

Kailis’ Fish Market
46 Mews Road, Fremantle, Western Australia
Opening hours: 8.00am till late (daily)