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oink’s lunch – a sandwich

Working in the Central Business District (CBD) area can be quite scary for someone who don’t like crowd (read: ME). I am not used to the sheer number of people that can be compact in one place. Though there are some great eats around CBD, I am unwilling to queue or be squashed in one place. There is a few solutions to this problem. I can do takeaways or have my lunch at odd times. Of course, I choose to torture myself by bringing my own lunch to work.

By preparing my own food, I eliminate the problem of deciding what to eat for lunch. The other benefits also include saving money and feeding my tummy with healthy food. I do not bring my own lunch every day – I try to do it at least twice a week (if possible). In addition, I do my best not to bring leftovers – chances are there is not much nutrients and flavours in them.

Depending on what I am preparing, I would wake up half an hour to an hour earlier and start cooking my lunch. If I am on a time crunch, a sandwich is definitely the way to go.

I am not a fan of just slapping ham and lettuce in two slices of bread. I like my sandwich to have some “body” – I want it to be packed with flavour, and it must be fresh too. I like my bread to be more substantial – partly to fill my stomach and partly to prevent the sandwich from getting soggy. Ciabatta or baguette is often my choice of bread.

Besides choosing the right bread, there is a few ways to ensure you don’t get yourself a “wet” sandwich. One way is to spread butter or condiments such as mustard on the bread. This will become a protective layer, preventing any watery filling from penetrating into the bread. Next is the way you prep and layer the fillings. If tomato is involved, you might want to deseed it so it doesn’t get watery and mushy. And they should be placed in the middle to avoid any contact with the bread. Fillings like ham, lettuce, cheese can be placed on top or bottom of the sandwich as they have low water content.

This particular sandwich I made comprised of cured meat (that I bought from Perth), Gouda cheese, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and mustard. The sharpness from the mustard and sprouts went very well with the smoky cured meat. The cheese and tomato bring that bit of creaminess to the sandwich. When I was preparing the sandwich, I thought it look pretty small. But it was very filling. It kept me full throughout the day and I didn’t reach out for a snack.

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  1. Looks good! Can you make one for me at the same time also?! Btw, when we meeting?

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