Fremantle, or the locals lovingly called it Freo holds a special place in my heart. When I was studying in Perth, my rented apartment was a 5-minute train ride from Freo. Every weekend, with a basket, I trottered my way to Freo. I always maintained the routine – coffee at Gino’s, book browsing at New Edition and the last stop is Fremantle Market.

Hello Freo

Freo Market might be considered as a tourist spot, still I like to shop there. The market not just housed shops selling souvenirs and fresh produces, it actually had a few good food stalls. One of the must-go for me is Bodrum Kebabs. It is comfort food at its best. Imagine on Friday night, you had a few beers with your friends, and on Saturday morning, you have yet to sober up. And then you were presented with this Lebanese bread stuffed with grilled chicken, fresh vegetables and topped with rich sour cream. It was warm, cold and crunchy all at the same time. At Bodrum, they don’t just slice the meat off the rotating spit and stuff them into the wrap. They would pan-fry the meat on the grill to get them crisp. There are heaps of condiments to make your döner kebab complete (I always go for sour cream). And the döner kebab is huge. Till now, I can never finish one on my own.

Reunited with my favourite kebab

Often after shopping at Freo, I would need an afternoon snack to replenish my energy (yes, shopping can be quite exhausting). Without a doubt, I would run to Michele Crepes Suzette. They have a board full of all sorts of crepes you can get. If you are into savoury, you would love the mushroom and cheese. And if you in the mood for something sweet (like I was when I visited them during my trip), I would go for the nutella crepe. The crepe is thin, crisp and a bit chewy and they are not stingy on nutella. It hits right on the sweet spot.

Nutella crepe

Bodrum Kebabsand Michele Crepes Suzette are my all-time favourites at Freo market. During my trip, I spotted some new eats like Maison Saint Honore and Jus Burgers. Unfortunately I only have one stomach so I have to give them a miss.

I think the biggest reason why I love Freo is it’s a bit rustic, hippie, nor too commercial. You can park yourself at any cafes along the cappuccino stretch and spend hours reading or people watching. There is no stress, no fuss, just sit back and relax.

Fremantle Market
Corner South Terrace & Henderson Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
Opening hours: 9.00am–8.00pm (Fri), 9.00am–6.00pm (Sat and Sun)
Bodrum Kebabs (stall #5) and Michele Crepes Suzette (stall #4) are both located at the Hall.