On our last day in KL, I once again dragged Agnes to one of my favourite haunts – Madam’s Kwan. For me, a trip to KL is not complete without eating Madam Kwan’s famous nasi lemak. I know it is commercial and perhaps not the best nasi lemak in KL but hey it is good enough for my tummy.

We were both famished as we didn’t have any breakfast. And this meant we kind of over-ordered. I went for the classic nasi lemak and Agnes chose the nasi bojari. We also got an extra serving of chicken curry and stir-fry eggplant.

Hellooo Madam Kwan!

We started our meal with a cup of warm teh tarik. It was frothy and comforting. Nothing extraordinary but it was a great way to start a meal.

This is what happened when you are super hungry

Nasi lemak

Tiny plate of happiness

Our food came pretty fast. Unlike the nasi lemak we get in Singapore, Madam Kwan served up chicken curry (not fried chicken). The chicken curry was lemak (translate: rich and “coconutish”) and savoury. I also loved the nasi (rice) – equally lemak and very moreish. Oh and not forgetting the side plate of achar (pickled vegetable) which was sweet and sour, and refreshing, especially wonderful when eating such a heavy meal.

Nasi bojari

Agnes’ nasi bojari was pretty spectacular. It featured a piece of fried chicken (chicken thigh somemore!), beef rendang and sambal udang (prawn). I picked on bit and pieces. The fried chicken was well fried without drying or undercooking the meat. I love the beef rendang – tender and flavourful. I didn’t touch the sambal udang but Agnes did complain it was a bit spicy for her palate.

Barely finished the chicken curry

Stir-fry eggplant

One of the side dishes that we ordered was a simple garlic stir-fry eggplant. We thought we should have some sort of vegetables (okay technically eggplant is a fruit). The stir-fry was delicious. We actually had pretty low expectation of the dish but it turned out to be a delight – perfectly cooked and even had a hint of “wok hei”.

Madam Kwan may be your upmarket street food but it does not mean it is not good. I think it is a great place to start anyone who is afraid of street food and let them have an understanding of local delights. Oh did I mention the food at Madam Kwan keep my tummy very happy?

Madam’s Kwan (they have outlets around KL)
The Pavillion, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Lot No. : 1.16.00, Level 1, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia