Hello everyone! I am back from Perth! Technically I was back since last Wednesday. It was a wonderful trip back to the down under. For those who don’t know, Perth is practically my second home. I spent almost three years studying in Perth, met a lot of great folks and of course ate tons of delicious food.

While I was in Perth, the weather was fantastic. It was 22oC, it was like having my own personal air-conditioner with me all the time. It did rain a bit but definitely didn’t spoil my day. To make the trip even sweeter, I managed to catch up with a few of my university mates, and met some new friends/ food bloggers – The Food Pornographer and her sister, Juji.

And of course, the next big news is I am going back to the workforce. I decided it was time to be a responsible adult. I really enjoyed my time doing freelance work. However the reality is the income is not stable and I hate to beg for money that I deserved. For all those business owners out there, I salute you.

That said, I am praying hard I would be able to continue the blog on a regular schedule *fingers crossed*. And there is going be some changes in the next couple of months. Not sure how I would fare but trust me it is all good.

In the meantime, I leave you all with this awesome picture of my friends Betti and Szili baby girl Bo eating St John’s afternoon bun. Betti (with help from Bo) made the lovely afternoon bun, and I heard it was a hit.