I am blessed with friends who indulged in my silly quests for food. And Amy is one of them. Every time she made a trip to Singapore, I always ask if she could bring me a ramly burger which of course she said “No”. However for this trip to Kuala Lumpur, that girl makes sure I eat one before I leave.

Guess what are in the bag?

When Agnes and I were in Kuala Lumpur, it was pouring. When there is rain, chances are the ramly burger stalls will be closed (the stalls are usually standalone and outdoor). On our last night, we had dinner with Agnes’ cousin Janet and it was still raining very heavily. At that point, I knew my chances of eating a ramly burger was nearly impossible.

After dinner, the heavy downpour became drizzle. Janet dropped us at a nearby mall so that Amy and Terence (Amy’s partner) can pick us up. Amy called and told me she might be delayed as she was trying to see if the ramly burger stall near her house was open. When our ride arrived, the smell of ramly burger welcomed me.

Hello RB, we meet again

Do not disturb while I eating

Ramly burger is like a cross between a sloppy joe and a hamburger. Though I am not a fan of egg, I often ordered the “special” ramly burger which is a chicken or beef patty wrapped in egg omelette and doused with mayo and some mystery sauce.  I was stuffed from our dinner with Janet, still I will always have room for ramly burger.

Once we reached our hotel room, I immediately took one and refused to talk to anyone untill I finished the burger. It was a freaking good burger. It was still warm and it did not get too soggy. We do have ramly burger in Singapore but it is just not as good as the ones in Malaysia. I don’t know is it the patty or the cooking method. The ramly burgers in Malaysia are simply awesome.

I think Amy can tell how much I love ramly burger, she even offered me Terence’s share. Unless I want my stomach to explode on the spot, I had to say “No”. I am utterly grateful I have friends like Amy who make sure my food cravings are satisfied. I am one lucky round belly child.