When you are given two punnets of blueberries, and you do not feel like making cakes, muffins or jam, you bake a pie. Actually a galette to be exact.

Off to the oven

Similar to a pie, a galette is a freeform round flaky tart. However it is more rustic (this means even if you have zero pastry skill, you can still make it look good and taste delicious) and easier to handle (no fitting of the dough in a tart tin, no blind baking).

To make a galette, you can use your favourite pie crust recipe (one pie crust will do). One of my personal favourites is from King Arthur Flour. However this time round, I decided to make a change and try out Delicious Day’s galette recipe*.

Blueberries galette

Who wants a slice?

The first thing I love about this recipe – it used all butter for fat. I shunned away from recipes that suggest the use of margarines (are you kidding me?) or shortening (they are absolutely disgusting). Nothing makes me happy than rubbing butter in flour – the smell of butter is heavenly.

And I cannot resist a change. I swopped half of the all-purpose flour for pastry flour. The reasons why I did it were a) I have pastry flour at home and b) I want to get an even flakier pastry.

The end result? The pastry was flaky and buttery. I think what makes a galette so awesome is the least amount of fuss, means reducing the possibility of overworking the dough and really you do not have to care so much about the shape. When I was rolling the dough, I didn’t get a proper round shape. When I fold it, everything worked out well. All you need to remember is to get the pastry as thin as possible (not paper thin of course).

This is one quick and easy dessert to make for any occasions.

*I used around 250g of blueberries – it will be okay to use around 300g. I did not use the whole full tablespoon of sugar as the berries were rather sweet. I would advise you to taste the fruit and decide the amount of sugar you want to sprinkle. Lastly, I wished I egg washed the pastry but as I did not want to waste an egg, I used milk instead – the result was not fantastic, only reasonable.