Since Saturday, I fell sick – it was not flu, cough or fever. It was some sort of weird gastric reflux. My stomach was churning, and I kept wanting to puke (but there was nothing for me to puke). The only things I could eat and drink was toast and Calpis water.


Soda bread

Edamame beans

Recently I discovered Joy the Baker – the first entry I read was her simple edamame toast. Despite the nauseating feeling I had, I managed to bake the ridiculously quick and easy soda bread, make a small ball of ricotta* and prepared a “fancy looking” toast in less than an hour.

My lunch

Ricotta edamame toast

Sliced the soda bread, spread some crumbled ricotta, topped it with some edamame beans (I did not manage to get fresh one, so I used the frozen sold in NTUC which were pretty good except they were a tad too salty) – to finish, sprinkled some sea salt (I used Maldon salt flake) and black pepper, drizzled a bit of olive oil and balasamic vinegar . There is no rules – if you like more ricotta, drown your bread in it – if you like edamame beans, fill it to the brim.

Next day’s breakfast

What was awesome was I had some leftover bread for next day’s breakfast. This time round, I used some of my homemade red sauce, ricotta, freshly grated parmesan cheese and top it with homegrown basil. I also sprinkled some black pepper (no salt this time round as the red sauce and cheese provided enough seasoning) and drizzled a bit olive oil and breakfast never looked so good.

As for my tummy, I managed to keep the nausea down and I think I am on the road to recovery.


*Heidi Swanson’s recipe will yield 4 cups of ricotta. As ricotta is best eaten fresh and cannot be kept in the fridge for more than 3 days, I cut down her recipe by 8 times. I used 500ml of (full fat) milk with 125ml buttermilk, and got half a cup of ricotta.