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Smitten Kitchen’s cheddar, beer and mustard bread

The moment Deb posted the recipe for Cheddar, Beer and Mustard bread, I knew I have to bake it. How not to? This bread has everything I love.

Yes, the aftermath

Finally managed to stuff everything in the pan

While reading through her instructions, I knew this was going to be a tough one. Well, I didn’t exactly expect a war to happen in my kitchen (this was especially not good considering Mdm Tan mopped the kitchen in the morning). While mixing the dough, I noticed it was wetter than the usual bread dough, still I did not follow my instinct, and let the dough rest and rise. When it was time to assemble all the ingredients, the dough was so soft, I could not even roll it out with my pin.

In the end, I spread the dough with my bare hands (don’t worry, I washed my hands). And here came mistake number two. I decided to sprinkle the cheddar cheese on the ENTIRE piece of dough (as per instructed, I should cut and pile). As the dough was really soft, it was impossible for me to pile the dough without spilling the grated cheese. So I gave up trying to pile the dough (bye bye pull-apart bread). I just tried my best and piled all the pieces of dough together and ensuring equal distribution of cheddar cheese.

See the crack? Courtesy of the spatula

And you think everything ends here right? NO. Once the bread was baked, I struggled to get it out of the pan. Despite I have oiled the pan thoroughly, the cheese melted and stuck to the pan. Armed with my spatula, I managed to get the bread out without major damage.

The finished product


Though the journey was tough, the end result was delicious. My friend, Lynda, described the bread as cheez-ball (which sadly Planters has discontinued) bread. I just love how rich and cheesy it was, and you also get the sudden hit of mustard which was savoury and pungent.

That said, it’s safe to say I won’t try to reprise this recipe soon. I think I want to my kitchen clean for awhile.

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  1. Still looks good what! I can lend you my kitchen if you don’t want to dirty your kitchen!

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