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Jamie Oliver’s marinated bell peppers

As some of you might know (via Facebook), on Valentine’s Day, my friend Biona gave me two big bags of vegetables and fruits. Among the loots were six bell peppers. My mom (Mdm Tan) took some to feed my niece and nephew. Still I was left with quite a bit. I was not in the mood to make stuffed bell peppers or use them in any dishes. And they were taking a bit of the space in the fridge. And suddenly out of nowhere, I decided I should jar them.

So much vegetables

Yes, it is alright to burn your food

When it comes to jarring of food, the first person I could think of is Jamie Oliver. I spent hours watching his shows and I realised his infinite love for jarring (and charring of food). The only cookbook I had of him was Cook with Jamie which has nothing I can reference. However I have been reading his magazine, Jamie for years, and guess what? I scored a recipe on marinated bell peppers.

Marinated bell peppers

I changed his recipe a bit – basically I used whatever I had in my kitchen. So now this tub of goodness is sitting in the cupboard, marinating and I can’t wait to use it.

Jarring goodness

Marinated Bell Peppers
(Adapted from Jamie Oliver’s Jamie Dec09/ Jan10 issue)

Make one 500ml jar (I used Bormioli Rocco Fido jar which is cheap and sturdy)

1)      4 bell peppers (The original recipe called for 3 red peppers which was wise  as I overstuffed my jars. I used assorted red and yellow peppers. Best to use red as they are the sweetest and please don’t bother using the green ones as they have no flavour.)
2)      4 unpeeled garlic cloves
3)      3 sprigs of thymes (You can use rosemary which was in the original recipe)
4)      2 red chillies (Not in the original recipe)
5)      3 slices of lemon (Not in the original recipe)
6)      3 tablespoon of red wine vinegar
7)      100ml of extra virgin olive oil

-        Sterilise the jar – you can do it either by putting it simmering hot water or stick it in the oven (100oC for 30 minutes) (Do not put the seal in the oven – instead put it in simmering hot water for 10 minutes).
-        Char the peppers and chillies (before you char the chillies, stab it with a fork a few times, if not it might burst and hit you) over a direct flame of your gas stove until blackened (If you do not use a gas stove, you can stick them in the oven (using the grill or broiler setting)).
-        Pop the charred peppers and chillies in a bowl and cover with cling film for 5 minutes (I like to use shower cap to cover the bowl, so much easier).
-        While waiting, put a pan over the fire, once heated, place the lemon slices on it and charred them – this should take 2 minutes each side.
-        Once the peppers and chillies are cool enough to handle, peel off the skin (DO NOT wash them under the sink, you will remove all sweetness derived from the charring process) (I also use a serrated knife to help with the peeling).
-        Once the skin are peeled, deseed and slice into 4cm wide strip (for the chillies, just slice them in half).
-        Add the lemon slices, peppers, chillies, thyme and garlic in the jar* – layered them accordingly. Top up with olive oil and vinegar (you can mix them together in a cup before pouring in), cover then seal the jar.
-        This would keep up to 2 months unopened. Once open, refrigerate and use within 2 weeks.

*The original recipe suggested the adding of salt and pepper in the mix. I skipped this as I wanted to keep the flavour clean.

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  1. YUMS. Will try this soon.

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