After our dinner at Nancy’s Kitchen, one of the things I wanted to do when we were in Melaka was to take the River Cruise. For RM10 per person, this 45 minutes River Cruise featured some of Melaka’s famous landmarks, and it had a voice over narration telling you stories behind selected places. If you have time to spare, go for it – it’s a good, cheap thrill and an education ride.

Melaka River Cruise

Once we were done with the ride, we took a walk along the famous Jonker Street’s night market. The street was littered with hawkers selling local souvenir, clothes and of course food.

We noticed that several stalls at Jonker Street were selling the popular Korean snack –Tornado Potato. Basically the hawker would stick a potato onto a slicer which produced thin slices of potatoes in spiral form. Once that was done, they put it in a deep fryer for a couple of minutes and seasoned with the requested flavour.

Tornado Potato!

Satisfied customer

Amy was fascinated by this. In the end, Amy narrowed down this female hawker as she reckoned the hawker has the “biggest” potato. They have several flavours – sour cream, cheddar cheese, chilli lime and so on. We tried sour cream on the first night and cheddar cheese and chilli lime on the second night (yes, we liked it so much we went back to get more) – among all the flavour, cheddar cheese was the strongest and my favourite was chilli lime.

It’s carrot cake time!

A disappointment!

After we bought the Tornado Potato, from afar we sniffed our way to a carrot cake stall. It smelled really good and the finished product looked tasty. We bought a packet and promptly started on it once we reached our hotel room. The taste was an absolute disappointment – it was bland and no flavour. Sad.

Dim sum!

On our second day, the hot weather was getting to us, and we actually skipped lunch. However we decided to buy some light snacks before dinner. Along Jonker Street, we found this streetside stall selling dim sum. There were a few giant steamers – we picked and chose some (they charged by the number of pieces you took). We (once again) brought them back to the hotel – these dim sum fared much better than the previous night’s carrot cake – don’t expect to find any shrimps inside but they were definitely generous with the (mystery) meat.

Though Jonker Street is a touristy attraction, it is still worth to walk along, soak in the atmosphere and squeeze with the crowd, and be amazed by the array of sight, sound and smell.