As much as I like to make my sweet treats from scratch, ice cream is something I don’t make that often.

Firstly, the sheer amount of egg yolks that go into the ice cream frightened me (cholesterol!), and I don’t know what to do with the remaining egg whites (I don’t like meringue). And the custard mixture. If there is anything that can give me a heart attack, it will be custard mixture. Boiling egg yolks and cream over the stovetop is not a fun matter – off the heat too early, the mixture is not exactly cooked and “sterile”; if we let the mixture boiled, the eggs might curdle.

Peanut butter, cream cheese and salt

I was grateful when I came across David Lebovitz’s entry on Jeni’s Chocolate Ice Cream. At last, an ice cream recipe that does not require eggs and yet delicious. Of course, I immediately stormed off to Kinokuniya to see if I can get a copy. It took me two tries and I finally got a copy of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.

There were a few recipes that caught my eyes. But the one that I was interested to make was the Buckeye State Ice Cream. This ice cream mimicked the flavours of candy buckeye – peanut butter, honey and chocolate. Coincidentally, these are some of my favourite things to eat!

I will never in a million years thought of putting cream cheese and cornstarch in an ice cream recipe, providing the taste and texture that we love about ice cream. And the best thing about making this ice cream – I learnt something new – I now know how to make chocolate freckles.

Jeni’s Buckeye State Ice Cream

Because I don’t have an ice cream maker, when the mixture is really cold, I started swirling it (with one hand) and drizzled melted chocolate in it (with the other hand). Everything must be done fast as the chocolate solidified once it hit the cold ice cream mixture.

I made this ice cream three times. Every time, someone had a bite into it – they screamed yummy-ness. Seriously who don’t love peanut butter and chocolate?