The last couple of days in New York, the weather got ridiculously hot – it was hotter than Singapore! Kat and I got really tired and lazy, and actually dread going out for fear of the heat. Kat did some research and found a Moroccan restaurant near our apartment which we went for dinner.

Located at St Marks Place and a mere 10 minute walk from our apartment, Cafe Mogador was packed. We had to wait outside for 15 minutes (and no way we would dine al fresco). The waiter was kind and brought us glasses of iced water to cool us from the heat.

Once we were seated, we realised the place was not just packed, it was loaded with noise. I think because it has a low ceiling, the noise somehow compact into the restaurant.

Kefta Kabob and Chicken Tagine (with Casablanca Sauce)

As it was Kat’s first time having Moroccan food, I took the liberty to order for us. Since we did not have much appetite, I settled on a lamb Kefta Kabob and a (Casablanca) Chicken Tagine.

The lamb Kefta Kabob was smaller than expected but Cafe Mogador served them with a side of hummus which was delicious. I have not much to say about the kabob as I am not a fan of lamb and I cannot get pass the gamey taste.

For the chicken tagine, I ordered the accompanying Casablanca sauce which comprised of chickpeas, raisins and onions. I love the sauce – its part sweet part savoury. The chicken was perfectly cooked, and with the sauce and basmati rice, it was wonderful.

Despite the heat, I was pretty happy that we managed to find this treasure trove on our last days in New York!

Cafe Mogador
101 St Marks Place (Between 1st Ave and Ave A)