If you watched Season 3 of Masterchef Australia, Billy Law is a name that you will be familiar. He is not just your ordinary food blogger; dude can write, cook, bake and take awesome pictures.

Billy Law’s Rocky Road

During his time in Masterchef, Billy whipped up this delicious looking Rocky Road for one of the challenges. And this dessert won him a “Best in Show” ribbon. Billy recently put the recipe on his website and I got to try it – it’s so easy to make!

Happy plate = happy dessert

I love desserts that don’t require me to wash two big bowls, and a lot of prep bowls. And I did not even need to crank up the oven. I also think this particular Rocky Road will be a fun dessert for the kids to make too – it’s just mixing the ingredients, and they can lick up the bowl afterwards, and get chocolate high.

I love the richness of chocolate, and the tartness of the raspberries just cut through it. The addition of the raspberries was brilliant! I can definitely see this dessert making its way to my Christmas party.