If there was only one burger place you had to go in New York City, I would recommend Shake Shack.

Shake Shack, the brain child of restaurateur Danny Meyer, is a restaurant chain selling affordable grubs such as burgers, hotdogs, milkshakes, frozen custard and so on. The first outlet is located at the Madison Square Park and still commend long queue during lunch hours. And its not just the Madison Square Park outlet, it seems the rest of the outlets have pretty long lunch queues too.

My order

To ensure that I do not get myself stuck in the queue, I chose the Upper East Side outlet (Lexington Avenue) and ate at 1130am. I ordered the simple single cheeseburger, and a cup of Arnold Palmer.

Single Cheeseburger (US$4)

Bite into yummy goodness

For the cheeseburger, I chose to have it with lettuce and tomato (I omitted the onion and pickle). The first bite was heaven. The beef patty was cooked to medium, hence it was warm and juicy. The burger bun was pretty good too – freshly baked and soft.

If Arnold Palmer (US$2.15)was on the drinks menu, I would almost always order one. Half lemonade and half iced tea, its a must have in summer. As it was still super hot in New York, I didn’t have the stomach for fries or their famous frozen custard.

I was also very impressed with the service at Shake Shack. The staff was very friendly. They asked me about the food and even helped me to clear my tray.

There is almost nothing not to love about Shake Shack – great prices, multiple outlets (read: convenience). NOW I want a burger from there!


Shake Shack has outlets around New York City so do check out their website for details. They also ventured outside of NYC – Washington DC, Miami, and even Dubai.