After our encounter with Luke’s Lobster at New Amsterdam Market, Kat was still missing the lobster’s roll. A couple of days later, we made our way to Luke’s for brunch. At 11am to be precise.

Luke’s Lobster


The moment you stepped into Luke’s Lobster, you are kind of transported to the coastal village, Maine. Nautical icons such as nets, ropes, knots, buoys were used to decorate the shop, mimicking a lobster shack.

The menu

As we were there pretty early, the lobster bisque was not ready. However luck was on our side, while we were ordering our lobster rolls, the waitress informed us that the bisque was done.

Lobster bisque (US$9)

Though it was a pretty hot day, the bisque provided great comfort to our exhausted souls (we were in Boston the day before and were thoroughly tired from the train ride). The bisque was rich and had a very strong seafood flavour. And Luke’s was not stingy on the lobster – chunks of lobster meats can be found in the bisque.

Lobster roll (US$16)

The star of the day was definitely the lobster rolls. Let’s start with the roll – soft, buttery and toasted to perfection – the bread was simply delicious.  As for the lobster, they were chunky, plump and meaty. It might seem a bit expensive (US$16) for a lobster roll but the freshness and the amount of meat inside the roll were just incredible. It’s worth every penny.

I am glad we do not have Luke’s Lobster in Singapore; if not, my cholesterol level will be sky-high.

Luke’s Lobster
93 East 7th Street (1st Ave)
Opening hours: 11.00am–10.00pm (Sun-Thu), 11.00am–11.00pm (Fri-Sat)