A couple of months back, I scored a Groupon deal – King’s Laksa Steamboat for S$10 per person (the usual price is S$18.90). King’s Laksa is very near my home and I heard pretty good things about it hence I quickly snatched the deal.

King’s Laksa Steamboat (Groupon deal – S$10 per person)

As stated in the Groupon deal, a reservation must be made – which turned out to be quite painful. I actually had to make the booking two weeks in advance – the restaurant only portioned a certain number of seats for Groupon users.

Chicken and Laksa broth


And more food!!

My friend (and neighbour) Serene and I could choose up to two types of broth – we went with Chicken and Laksa broth. Part of the Groupon deal was we cannot have any seafood which was fine with us as Serene was allergic to seafood. Still there was a good selection of food we could choose. We went for a variety of mushrooms (enoki, oyster), vegetables (tang-orh, spinach), and an assortment of “steamboat” items (quail eggs, yam(!), fish dumpling, tofu, luncheon meat). We also got ourselves a serving of beef, chicken and pork belly.

Pork belly


Fried wanton and custard buns

Beside the food that we need to cook, we ordered some complimentary cooked food – fried wanton and fried custard buns. These two items were mediocre – unless you have serious cravings, don’t bother ordering them.

Chilli and garlic, and peanut sauce

As we waited for our food, I noticed people were walking to the back of the restaurant and came back with little plates of sauce. So I went to the back and saw they have tubs and tubs of different sauces. I chose my favourite – peanut, and chilli and garlic sauce.

Once the food arrived (which was pretty fast), we quickly dived in and put all the raw items in the steamboat. I love that they put in pieces of tau pok in the laksa broth which absorbed all the goodness. The laksa broth was rich and flavourful – it was not too spicy nor too lemak (coconut-ish). If the broth was too lemak, I think I would get sick of it pretty fast. For the chicken soup, I don’t really fancy it as the broth tasted like MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and there was not much flavour.

The sauces that I have selected – they were alright. I was a bit disappointed with the peanut sauce as I expected it to be a bit richer and thicker – the flavour was good but it was a bit watery.

For S$10, this was a good Groupon deal. However we ordered two drinks (iced lemon tea and Coke) which totalled to almost S$7. I was told the regular price of S$18.90, it includes one drink and a small selection of seafood which perhaps might be a better deal.

After dinner, we walked over to Nex (neighbour shopping mall)  and did some grocery shopping. Serene was searching for dessert and couldn’t find anything she likes. She was also nagging for durian too. I told her that there was a durian stall nearby and was shocked that she didn’t know since she is a big fan of durian and the stall was pretty near our house.

717 Trading

717 Trading have been around Kovan for as long as I can remember. I never had durians there, but their durian baked (durian coils and cream puffs) were pretty good. The great thing about this place – it opened till midnight. So if you have any late night cravings for durians, go to 717 Trading.


Since Serene was the “durian expert”, I made her select the durians – my criteria was the flesh must be bittersweet. She came back with two durians for around S$20. The flesh was indeed bittersweet, but I found them to be a bit tough. For the price we paid, they were a bit pricey.

Once we were done with the durians, we went to the cake shop (which also open till late) and looked around. They didn’t have any puffs or crepes so I left the shop empty-handed.

Got to love my neighbourhood for all the awesome eats and they opened till late!

King’s Laksa Steamboat
17 Teck Chye Terrace
Opening hours: 11.00am–1.00am (daily)

717 Trading
Highland Centre (727 Cakerie)
22 Yio Chu Kang Rd
Highland Centre #01- 01
Opening hours: 10.00am–12.00am (daily)