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oink’s guide to … New York City! Motorino Pizza

I cannot remember exactly how it happened. But after a few direct messages (Twitter) and a couple of emails, I met Robyn aka The Girl who Ate Everything. I have been reading her blog and writings (via Serious Eats) for a couple of years. She is hilarious and animated. And her doodles are pretty incredible too.

Robyn gave me a few food options. All of them sounded delicious but I decided to go for Motorino Pizza – I think it will be wrong to come to NYC and not have a slice of pie.  And it was the best decision I ever made – Motorino produced these gorgeous artisan pizza from its wood burning oven, and till now, they are best pizza I ever have.

Since Robyn was the only one who been to Motorino (Robyn’s friend, Francine also joined us for dinner), she suggested that we should try the cherry stone clams, and brussels sprouts and pancetta pizza. Thanks to the high temperature of the wood burning oven, the pizza were delivered to our table pretty fast.

Cherry stone clams pizza (US$17)

The cherry stone clams pizza was delicious – it’s like a piece of heaven. With a tiny squeeze of lemon on top of the pie, the clams were sweet and melt in your mouth. The pizza and the mozzarella were soft and chewy. And the crust. The oh-so-wonderful crust. It’s a good crust.

Brussels sprouts and pancetta pizza (US$16)

I was not exactly looking forward to the brussels sprouts and pancetta pizza as it was a combination of the two things that I don’t like. I detest brussels sprouts as they always leave a bitter after note. As for the pancetta, it’s pork. And miracle happened. I was in love with this pizza. For the first time, brussels sprouts tasted so good – they were actually sweet and earthy. There was no bitterness. For the pancetta, well, it’s savoury and porky. Without letting Robyn and Francine know, I secretly picked the pancetta and hide them under my crust.

At the end of my NY trip, though Motorino Pizza was the only pizza place I went; it will be the pizza place that I will always lust (A little shout out to Robyn for bringing me to Motorino and sharing a slice with me).

PS. Robyn did a great write up on Motorino too!

Motorino Pizza
349 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003
Opening hours: 11.00am-midnight (Sun –Thu), 11.000am-1.00am (Fri, Sat)

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  1. It was great getting to meet you! I’m glad I got to introduce you to the glory of BRUSSELS SPROUTS (and pork) PIZZA!!! You’ll have to eat more pizza next time you’re here!

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