I don’t really eat breakfast. Between sleep and food, I rather choose sleep. My morning is always a rush. If I can gulp down a cup of coffee, I am in luck.

When I got back from the States, I was suffering from pretty bad jet lag. I was waking up at 4am. So when you can’t sleep, what can you do? Eat! And I have some personal breakfast favourites.

Fried beehoon with fish cake

Fried beehoon. I remembered when I was a kid, I have this obsession with fried beehoon – I would have it every day for a year! It was just plain old fried beehoon with a few pathetic bean sprouts and I was happy. Of course when you get older, you get a little fancy. You can have otah, fish cake, chicken wing, egg – everything just goes with fried beehoon.

Roti prata with curry

Fluffy cloud of dough

I am also a sucker for roti prata. Its almost like fried dough – you get a nice, crispy skin, and inside the roti prata is warm, fluffy and chewy. Curry. Come on, who can say no to curry? And curry can be eaten morning, noon and night. When you put roti prata and curry together, they are unstoppable! I will always snigger at those who only have one piece of roti prata. How can you stop at one? It’s not possible.  And I have two very essential beverages to go with roti prata. If I am having roti prata as breakfast, my choice of drink will be teh halia (ginger milk tea) – its warm, soothing and comforting. If the meal takes place in the afternoon, the drink has to be homemade (not those canned stuff) iced lemon tea – refreshing and thirst quenching.

Teh halia

Homemade iced lemon tea

I will never be able to resist mee siam. Each sip of the assam broth, you get fireworks in your mouth – sweet, savoury, spicy and sour – there are so many layers of flavours in this simple dish. It is not a fancy dish – beehoon, beancurd and an egg. That’s all. Yet it is delicious and satisfying.

Mee siam

The great thing about staying in an Asia country is you have so many breakfast choices and every day you can try something new. And best of all, a lot of these breakfast items are available morning, noon and night. Which is great news for me as I will always choose sleep over food.