en route to the lincoln memorial, we dropped by art and soul, a modern southern restaurant owned by the fame chef art smith (aka oprah winfrey personal chef).

once again, cold bread

the heat in DC kinda killed our appetite so we only ordered one appetizer, one main and a side to share.

pan fried chesapeake blue crab cake (US$14)

crabby goodness

everything came to the table at the same time. for starter, we got a pan fried chesapeake blue crab cake with sauce ravigote. the crab cake was chokeful of crab meat – there was no flour or bread crumb stuffed inside – just pure crabby goodness. the sauce was rich and delicious, and it went very well with the delicate crabmeat.

free range fried chicken (US$16)

our main was free range fried chicken. the chicken was buttermilk brined, seasoned and fried; the dish was served with a side of mashed potatoes. the chicken was tender and juicy (the magic of buttermilk) however i wished the crust was a bit more crispy. the mashed potatoes. sigh. over-salted. we didnt really touch the black pepper gravy that came with the dish – it was alright, didnt blow our mind.

macaroni casserole (US$7)

the last and the best dish of the day was the macaroni casserole – aka mac and cheese. the casserole was topped with bread crumbs that got crisped by the oven, and underneath the crust was rich and cheesy macaroni. we were trying our best not to lick the pot.

even though art and soul has hits and misses, it was definitely one of my favorite restaurants that i visited in DC.

art and soul
415 new jersey avenue nw, washington dc 20001