21 August was “Cook and Share a Pot of Curry”. How did this day come about? You can read it here and here.

misen-en-place for the curry

The truth is I am a big fan of curry, but there were times when the smell from my neighbour’s house just irked me. Still, I will not take the extreme measure to complain about them. Curry plays a big part in their culture, and I do not think it is right to impose “rules and restrictions”. If we do so, what is next? Ask them to start eating noodles soup or pasta every day?

While others participated “Cook and Share a Pot of Curry” for a different agenda, I support the movement to promote multiculturalism. I love Singapore because of her multiculturalism (just look at the food we have on this tiny island).

On the big day, I decided to cook Thai Green Curry. The curry paste was stored bought (Dancing Chefs). I started wanting to make the curry vegetarian, in the end I decided to throw in some filet of chicken breast.

softening the vegetables

one pot wonder – thai green curry

I don’t really fancy the paste (I prefer McCormick) as I found it to be too oily. However you don’t see the “oil” floating on the curry once the coconut cream was added. The great thing about curry was it’s a one-pot wonder – you can add in whatever vegetables (yes I added baby corns in mine) or meat. And most importantly, it can feed a lot of people. My small pot of curry managed to feed four people and there was still leftover!