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Rich and Good cake shop

a couple of year ago, when i was walking around arab street, i spotted this tiny shop – rich and good cake shop. first thought? the name of the shop is pretty lame. ha. so out of curiosity, i decided to walk into the shop. i was expecting an array of cakes on display, and perhaps breads/ buns like your typical confectionery. ehhh very wrong.

its rich and good!

please choose your flavor

when you stepped into rich and good, you will see a dude on the phone, taking orders. next is two giant fridges containing long rectangular boxes. only when you look closer, you will see the labels with the cake’s flavors. next thing you realised, they are selling swiss rolls!

two rolls of goodness

rich and good swiss rolls are not like the typical swiss rolls you get from your bakery. first the size. the ones you get from bakery tend to be bulky and short. rich and good is skinny and longish. texture wise, the latter is just light and fluffy, and melts in your mouth.

one of my all time favorite flavors from rich and good is chocolate. flavor wise, its chocolatey enough yet its not too rich that you will be sick of it, and it makes you wanting more (yes i do have some sort of self control and stopped myself from eating the entire roll).

green tea and chocolate

and the newest flavor i discovered is green tea with red beans. the matcha flavor is strong but not bitter (and totally masked the red beans. i am not a fan of red beans). after you are done with the cake, the subtle match frangrance still lingers in your mouth.

tomorrow i am making a trip down arab street, and i am still contemplating if i should get the swiss roll. oh but there is no space in my fridge. damn you chinese new year steamboat feast!

rich & good cake shop
24 kandahar street
opening hours: 9.00am–5.00pm (mon-sat) (closed on sun & ph)


  1. I’d want to try the durian, kaya and lemon …in that order.

  2. i aint surprised that you wanna try durian first. ha. kaya is pretty good too!

  3. Grrrr. Now you making me WANT to go. I did quite like the strawberry. :D the durians too. Can’t decide which I prefer!

  4. Grrr. I had just about forgotten I like them. And can wait for another trip down. Now, I want to go tomorrow also!!!!

    I liked the strawberry :) and the durians. And I like that the green tea overpowers the red beans coz I also don’t like them. :P

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