ponggol choon seng seafood has opened an outlet near my home a couple years back (my friend L told me this outlet is a franchise). all these while, i have only been ordering mee goreng or fried mee sua from them. so for a recent chinese new year reunion dinner with the girls, L and i decided to be brave and order crabs from them.

hello chilli crabs

and the results? the chilli crabs were really good. personally i am not a big fan of chilli crab (i rather have salted egg crab, butter crab, crab bee hoon … just not chilli crab) – but i seriously dont mind choon seng version. it had decent amount of heat without killing anyone and most importantly, it did not taste ketchupy (yes jumbo, i am talking about you). the price for crabs were really good too – i got two medium crabs for S$45!

chilli crabs and fried mantou

we couldnt wait for the others. EAT NOW!

i also got other dishes such as prawns (a regret purchase. expensive!), fried mantou (to go with the chilli crabs gravy) and of course their famous mee goreng. all turned out to be pretty good too.

i can now forsee me rolling to choon seng more often ;p

ponggol choon seng seafood (closed)
blk 212 houngang street 21
opening hours: 4.00pm-1.00am (daily)