i took a month off during january. this means i have time to go around town, run my errands, and have lunches at places that i hardly had a chance to visit.

spruce taqueria is one of those places that only open during weekdays for lunch. it has been almost half a year since i been there. the menu did not change much except they have removed my favorite short rib *panic*. in the end, i chose the beef tenderloin taco set with watermelon and lime aqua fresca.

beef taco set (S$9)

the beef is buried somewhere

the tortilla was still awesome – soft and corny. the cabbage slaw and salsa provided a refreshing bite to the meaty beef tenderloin. i kinda regretted not ordering the beef tongue. the beef tenderloin was not tender at all – it was tough and chewy – tell tale sign of overcooked beef.

to be honest, i am unsure how long spruce tacqueria will last. considering its opening hours and location (in local terms, up in the mountain), not exactly a spot where you will rush to for lunch. when i was there, from 12pm – 1pm, ehhh i was the only customer. that said, i do hope spruce taqueria will hang around for awhile – they have one of the best mexican food (and at a friggin good price) around town.

a couple of days later, i was at plaza singapura and looking for a place for lunch. i decided to plonk down at saybons where i always enjoyed their crepes and soups.

magherita crepe (S$4) and wild mushroom soup (S$3.80)

saybons had expanded over the years – from a small stall to now a little cafe and even offering escargot! i ordered a regular wild mushroom soup and a magherita crepe (with no onion which btw i think its strange to have it in a magherita crepe). though i find the soup to be a bit watery, it was still nice, and flavorful. as for the crepe, who can resist melted cheese and warm tomatoes in an eggy wrap?

but i do have to say, i paid $7.80 for the above and they only managed to fill up half of my stomach (after saybons, i grabbed a sesame pretzel from auntie anne), thus this made it  a pretty expensive lunch. thankfully, i hardly go to town for lunch.

spruce taqueria320 tanglin road phoenix park
opening hours: 12.00pm-3.00pm (mon-fri)

68 orchard road #b2-30/31/32
opening hours: 10.00am-10.00pm (daily)