at the beginning of the year, i was rather upset with myself. why did it take me so long to uncover the deliciousness of lentils, quinoa, millet and forbidden rice? i do not know about the rest of you – my god, they are the yummiest grains/ rice around! i can eat them forever. and the best bit? they are easy to prepare and super good for your body too.

bowl of deliciousness

for the past weeks, i have been eating this wonderful soupy bowl of lentil, brown and wild rice. they are so comforting especially during the rainy days.

once again, its a one pot wonder dish. use your favorite lentils (i used bob’s red mill vege soup mix), add in vegetable broth and/ or water and viola. for added deliciousness (aka sweetness and flavor), i throw in some sausages and cabbage. to finish the dish, i dumped tons of coriander and spring onion. only because its sitting in my fridge, i also added a bit of lemon for that tangy taste.


now i cannot wait to have this bowl of deliciousness again!