as my office will be moving from the east to the west thus the chances of me working from home are pretty high. unlike some of my friends, i don’t really enjoy working from home. the temptation of the bed, refusal to change out of pjs and most important of all, missing out on the social interaction with colleagues. the only great thing about working from home? – i can cook and bake any time i like.

when it comes to lunch, i usually prepare no-fuss food – ingredients that i can find in the fridge) dumped in a pot and viola. yes i love one-pot cooking.

one pot wonder

one of my favorite things to cook – pasta! seriously what is not to love about pasta. firstly its CARBO (=comfort food), easy to prepare (hot water + salt) and you can throw in whatever things you like, and no one will judge you (ok maybe the italians will. ha). my all time-favorite classic (in my oink dictionary) is tomato and sausage.

tomato and sausage pasta

ingredients (the portion is for 1 serving only)
1)      1 garlic clove (chopped)
2)      1 white onion (diced and chopped)
3)      1 tomato (diced; i do keep the pulp and seed and i definitely don’t see the need to skin the tomato)
4)      1 sausage link  (i used turkey but you can use whatever meat you like; sliced)
5)      1 cup of dried pasta (i love barilla farfalle and also because i need to finish up the last of my pasta before they expired)
6)      passata (i have no qualms in using store bought pasta sauce but please give passata a try. i find the flavor is richer and tasted less artificial. if you can get passata made from san marzano tomatoes, you scored big time! i didnt manage to find it. sadness)
7)      fresh basil leaves (this is not essential. no one will die if you don’t have it. i just happened to grow some on my balcony)
8)      salt and black pepper to taste (depending on the sausage you used, some are already packed with spices thus you can omit the black pepper)
9)      extra virgin olive oil (once again not essential. use whatever you have at home though you should try use evoo. you will love the fruity taste)

-        boil a pot of water enough to cover the pasta. once boiled, add in salt and throw in the pasta. based on the packaging, drained the pasta 1-1.5 minutes before the actual cooked time (that is, if the packaging said 8 minutes cooking time, off the fire after 6-7 minutes). alternatuvely TRY the pasta. remember we do not need the pasta to be thoroughly cooked; we are leaving it aside for awhile so it will cook itself.
-        as you drain the pasta, keep a bowl of the pasta water. set the pasta aside on your serving plate.
-        using the same pot (no need to wash), fire up, once the water evaporated, add in evoo. and you can start throwing in the garlic and onion. 30 seconds later, throw in the sausage to brown.
-        after the sausage has browned on one side, throw in the diced tomatoes. after a minute, add in the passata (i dont use alot; perhaps around 2-3 tablespoons). at this point, add in the pasta water that was saved earlier (once again you do not need alot; 3 tablespoons)
-        toss in the cooked pasta. stirred. you can add in more pasta water if you find the pasta to be too dry.
-        taste the sauce and add in salt and pepper if need to (i will add salt at this stage because i am quite heavy handed with salt when boiling the pasta thus i sometimes omit salt completely)
-        dish up and garnish with fresh basil leaves (if you have parmesan or pecorino, go ahead and use it. i would. ha.)

tomato and sausage pasta