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Easy peasy pasta

by some twisted luck, i accidentally discovered de easiest pasta to make. i wanted to make aglio olio pasta w mushroom and chilli. however we ran out of chilli at home and i was too lazy to get some from de store. so i used de next best thing – store-bought belacan chilli.

pour some evoo (extra virgin olive oil)  into de pot, dumped in de garlic and belacan chilli then de sliced mushroom. stir fried for a couple of minutes, let de juice from de mushroom to ooze out. then throwed in de pasta (of course cooked! in a pot of salted and evoo-ed water) to absorb de juice. stired abit (if its abit dry, pour in abit more evoo). and VIOLA. de yummiest pasta ever!

seriously its that easy. de only you need to chop is de garlic and mushroom. i made it twice in a week and i am NOT sick of it at all.

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  1. I shall try this tonight! But I think I will add bacon to satisfy my meat cravings!

    You and your evoo. So Rachel Ray. Actually you can do a Rachel Ray show, the vulgar version.

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