At Chubby Hubby!

I have been keeping mum about this for a couple of months – only a few close friends knew about this (two to be exact). I am very excited to be writing for Chubby Hubby – a site that I admire and have been a fan for years.

A few months ago, Aun (the man behind CH) was seeking for writers for his blog, and I thought I would give it a shot. We corresponded. I wrote him like a three-page of my background (aka why I love food) – I may not be the best writer or photographer but one thing I was damn sure, I love food! After a few emails, Aun wrote and said he will be happy for me to write for his blog.

I cannot describe the joy of writing for a site that I enjoyed and was thrilled to be part of the editorial team. And more importantly, I needed to do this – that is writing elsewhere (other than at oink) and become a more “responsible” writer.

I am a creature of habit. As a kid, during primary school, for the first three years, I would have fish ball noodles soup on the weekdays as breakfast. And for the other three years, it was char bee hoon with egg. Yes I am not just a creature of habit, I am one consistent creature. I need to push myself to explore new recipes, new techniques and cook food that I would never imagine I would do. And I would like share this journey with everyone. Hence my first piece at CH was about the very first cake I bake, the beginning.

Despite the additional writing that I am doing, oink is not going to change. It will still be a slice of my life. I will continue to share with you my kitchen disasters, the cheats I made in my cooking and most importantly my love for food. At CH, I will share recipes that I tested and enjoyed, and tips for home-cooks who don’t have a lot (of kitchen tools) to work with.

Oh big love to Amy for helping me with my bio – seriously writing in third person was scary and felt a bit psychotic. And my good pal Kat for the awesome picture she took of me when we were holidaying in Bangkok. Oh and big hugs to my friends who hear me chant about food, and “tolerated” and ensured that I took shots of food before they stab their forks into the dishes.